Tarot Card Reading Code Of Ethics

I primarily use the tarot as well as rune stones as a multilevel instrument to assess and explore your personal and professional concerns. Once we have delved into all aspects of your issue, we can determine potential actions and belief patterns that can serve as transformative, positive solutions.

My focus is not predictive, but I cannot deny that the tarot is an oracle, as well as a tool for self assessment and self help. My method of reading is to concentrate on interpreting the cards based on my years of study and my intuition. Any forecasting derives naturally from that point of convergence.

We’re all blessed with free will, and a tarot or rune reading provides a studio portrait of the future based on matters remaining the same as they are at the time of the reading. If you don’t like the photograph, you have the power to redo the picture to your own personal satisfaction.

Tarot Cards and Rune Stones are in an of itself is a symbolic language. Each card or stone has multiple potential meanings depending on the surrounding cards. For example, the Death Card, (Number 13) does not mean actual physical death. I translate the language of the tarot as well as the language of the runes to work with you to achieve clarity as well as a sense of preparedness and confidence so that you can face whatever issues have arisen. My role is to empower those who come to me for tarot readings, not scare you or assure you of my powers.

I am first and foremost, a Tarot and Rune Reader. I am not, nor will I ever be, a doctor, lawyer, or financial adviser. I recommend that you seek the correct professional advice concerning any medical, legal, or financial matters. I will never offer to remove a curse, “evil eye” or spell from you. Likewise I will never perform a magic spell for money. I urge you to avoid any Reader who offers these services to you. Scam artists reflect badly on legitimate, ethical Tarot and Rune Readers like myself. Remember: Just as there are bad doctors, lawyers, and financial advisers, there are also bad Tarot Readers. I urge you to use common sense when choosing either.

It is my pleasure and my responsibility to treat every seeker with warmth, sensitivity,and compassion. I hold your readings and any information you reveal, in the strictest of confidence. I am not entitled, nor will I judge your past, present, and/or future actions. Any decisions that you choose to make based on the reading you receive from me is your responsibility. Please do not see me as an oracle. The Tarot and Runes are the Oracles. I am the human interpreter, and as such, fallible. The tarot cards and the runes, just like the planets, impel. They do not compel. You are the one who holds your future in your hands.

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