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Welcome to your One Stop Shop for all of your tarot card reading needs! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your convenience! My name is Jessica and I'm glad you stopped by. I made this site realizing that when it comes to getting a reading, customers not only want answers, they also want choices. There are four different types of readings you can get: In Person, Email, Live Chat, & Over The Phone. I realize that not every customer has the luxury of an in person reading. This could be for a variety of different reasons. Maybe you live in a small town, or come from a family who wouldn't approve of you getting a reading. Whatever your reasoning, I am here for you with all the choices that you'll want to get the answers you need without having to worry. A Tarot Card Reading is a type of Psychic Reading, so I use these two terms interchangeably. Please Note:  This website may not display appropriately if you are using certain ad blocking software. This site is free of popups, pop unders, and other forms of annoying advertising.

No doubt you have come here with an issue close to your heart. Perhaps you are questioning whether or not to stay in a relationship. Maybe you want confirmation as to whether or not you should start your new business. Or, you may just want some direction in your life. This site is different because only here can you get a myriad of different choices when it comes to having a tarot card reading. Either way, no matter what your issue happens to be, we are here to help. No issue is too big or too small. Don't be afraid to hand over your entire issue and let us help you work through it. Together, we can find a reasonable course of action to take.

All of the choices that you have here are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your convenience.  Please note that if you are viewing this website from a mobile device, that the sidebar with all of the choices on it is located at the bottom of the page.  That being said, let me explain more about the choices you have available along with a brief description of each:

Phone Tarot Card Reading: This section being the most popular by far, you'll find the phone psychic that's best for you. These psychics have been thoroughly tested for accuracy. Simply browse the profiles of the psychics available, and pick one that best suits your needs. Free 6 Minute Reading With Free Signup! No Credit Card Required!  Never Charged To Your Phone Bill!

Webcam Readings: If you want to be able to see what your psychic looks like, as well as interact with them either through typing or through webcam to webcam chat, then this is the section for you. You have many different tarot readers to choose from, each having different prices per minute, specialties and years of experience.  Free 6 Minute Reading With Free Signup! No Credit Card Required!  Never Charged To Your Phone Bill!

Live Chat Readings: If you want a reading, but don't want to do so over the phone or through a webcam, then this is for you. Here you get to have a psychic reading through Instant Message Chat. We have many different psychics for You to choose from.

Email Readings: If you have an issue that doesn't need to be answered right now, then this is the type of reading for you. Simply choose the type of email reading that you want from the choices provided, and place your order. The price is only $21 per email and you buy them à la carte. All emails will be answered within 24 hours (one day).

Psychic Chatroom: I have provided this chatroom as a place for like minds to come together for a common goal: To have friendly conversation about all things psychic. I have Psychic Chat every Sunday from 7pm to 9pm Eastern Standard Time. (Unless otherwise noted)

Code of Ethics: Every reputable psychic should have one of these posted for ease of access for their visitors to read. I have provided mine for your convenience.

Contact Me: Questions, comments, rants, or raves? Send all feedback here!

Privacy Policy: Here is a copy of my privacy policy. Every website should have one.

Newsletter: Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter, so you can be informed of anything new that is added!

I hope you enjoy your stay with us. I look forward to being the provider of all of your tarot card reading needs.

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